The Heartland Experience.

Heartland Tommy’s is a founding franchise member of Tommy’s Express, a next-gen, high-efficiency national carwash franchise. With locations throughout the Central Midwest, we provide faster, safer, and more sophisticated car washing with affordable pricing and membership packages.


Our membership app, license plate recognition, and member pay lanes make washing efficient for your calendar and wallet.


Smiling faces, easy-loading conveyer belts, and our wide open wash tunnel create an enjoyable and non-claustrophobic wash experience. Low energy use and reclaimed water make it good for the planet too.


Our wash process has been developed over 50 years and uses proprietary equipment and soaps designed to keep you and your car looking fresh.

Guest Focused.

We are a fan-favorite car care destination in cities around the United States, thanks to our focus on guest experience, convenience, and wash quality.

Our signature wash tunnels are designed to be striking, with corner towers, a rounded transparent roof, prominent branding, and full-size windows running down the length of the wash tunnel. We provide a high-level of confidence to our guests, as the bright tunnels offer visibility to what’s cleaning their vehicles, and knowing the equipment is well maintained.